What have you inherited? Perhaps it is a physical likeness or maybe you’ve even benefited from a relative’s will. Whether by design or intention, they decided to pass on something of what they had to you.

My nephew looks like my dad, my niece favors my mom and I take after my Granny in disposition. My Dad’s Grandpa Cook could wiggle his ears, or so I’ve been told. My Dad regularly entertained us with his ear-wiggling! To our delight, our Grandson Dan can wiggle his ears! 

Perhaps you feel that you have nothing to leave to anyone, but God is hoping to inherit through your will.

And he said, …. Lord, I pray You, go in the midst of us, ……and pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us for Your inheritance. (Exodus 34:9)

Let’s be the people who are a good inheritance for the Lord.

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