Loose Threads

Please say that I am not the only crafts person to encounter loose bits of thread, yarn and fabric everywhere! When my beige carpet glows multicolor, I vacuum, then put the machine away, only to return to a floor with more bits on it. 

Life with God is a bit like loose threads. We just think we have it all together when God points out another area of our life that needs work. To us, it may seem miniscule, but when placed next to the purity of God, it glows like an out-of-place thread.

We are God’s treasures, but even treasures have to be reworked to be a masterpiece.

They hammered out gold leaf and sliced it into threads that were then worked into designs in the blue, purple, and scarlet fabric and fine linen. (Exodus 39:3, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, reveal our loose threads and make us into something better. Amen.

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