’Love Dare’ success extends to iPhone

The success of the independent Christian film “Fireproof” and its companion book “The Love Dare” has extended to the iPhone. “The Love Dare:40 Dares” is currently the top iPhone app download, according to B&H Publishing Group, which oversees the production of “Fireproof”-related products. B&H is a division of LifeWay Christian Resources. “The Love Dare” has been on The New York Times bestseller list for one year as of Wednesday. B&H is also releasing “The Love Dare Day by Day,” extending the 40-day commitment to unconditionally loving his wife played by Kirk Cameron in “Fireproof” to 365 days. “The Love Dare Day by Day picks up where the 40-day dare leaves off,” John Thompson, B&H vice president of marketing explains. “Many of our readers finished the 40 days and began again. Day by Day takes them through an entire year.” Link: The Love Dare: http://www.thelovedarebook.com/

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