Lunchtime Links: August 10, 2010

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater earned his 15 minutes of fame after a run-in with an obnoxious passenger prompted him to deploy the emergency chute and slide down with a beer in hand at JFK Airport in New York.



A former Republican Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, is believed to have been killed in a plane crash earlier today.

New York Democrat Charles Rangel told his fellow lawmakers Tuesday in a rambling floor speech that he's not resigning, despite 13 charges of ethical wrongdoing.

About 40,000 claims filed by Gulf Coast residents with BP – some which are already months old – have gone unpaid without any formal rejection.

The Taliban's increasing use of homemade bombs and political assassinations has caused the number of civilians killed or injured in fighting in Afghanistan to rise by nearly a third this year (31%), the United Nations said today.

Parishioners at New Beginnings Ministries Church in Coschocton County, Ohio, had an unusual surprise when they arrived at church Sunday. Church members frequently protest outside a nearby strip joint. Dancers from the club held a counter-protest outside the church Sunday morning, seated in lawn chairs and wearing bikinis.

Personal income took a hit in most of the U.S. last year with the only gains coming from government support, according to new data from the Commerce Department.

Video games are certainly not foolproof in predicting who will win on the real fields of play, however a season simulation of “Madden ’11” has the New England Patriots defeating the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl come February.

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