Lunchtime Links: August 17, 2010

West Virginia tops the list in a survey of the states with the most prescription drugs.

Pakistan now identifies homegrown Islamic extremism as a greater threat than longtime rival India while in the midst of struggling mightily to address massive flooding.

A federal appeals court put gay marriages in California on hold again until at least December.

A suicide bomber sat for hours Tuesday among hundreds of army recruits before detonating nail-packed explosives strapped to his body, killing 61 people and casting new doubt on the ability of Iraqi forces as U.S. troops head home.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be stepping down from his post in 2011.

The Washington Nationals signed No. 1 Major League Baseball draft pick Bryce Harper.

Angelina Jolie will play the role of Marilyn Monroe in a biographical film of the iconic actress. George Clooney will co-star as Frank Sinatra.

Veteran actor Michael Douglas has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

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