Lunchtime Links: August 23, 2010

The Iowa-based national egg recall is expanding.


Commandos shot and killed a former policeman who was holding 15 tourists hostage aboard a bus in downtown Manila on Monday.

There are traffic jams and then there’s this: a 60-mile backup on China’s most travelled expressway due to construction.

Chicago Sun-Times religion columnist Cathleen Falsani is drawing a lot of attention for a 2004 interview with President Obama when he was an Illinois State Senator. “To me, it was a marvelous portrait of this man of a really humble faith.”

Flooding in Pakistan is of almost unimaginable proportions and aid is slow to arrive.

Dueling rallies over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero took place in Manhattan.

Veteran manager Lou Piniella accelerated his planned retirement and left the Chicago Cubs a month before the end of the season Sunday to be with his gravely ill mother.


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