Lunchtime Links: July 15, 2010

By a 60-38 vote to avoid a filibuster, the financial regulatory reform bill passed a key hurdle in the Senate today and is on track for final Congressional approval.

BP is scheduled to the test the tightness of a new cap on the sunken Deepwater Horizon oil rig today.

A primary Tea Party spokesman dubbed the NAACP as racist.

The number of U.S. homes taken back by banks through foreclosure hit a record high in the second quarter.

Apple may issue a recall of its iPhone 4 amid mounting criticism.

In a tremendous display of faith, the family of legendary slain Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas accepted an award at the ESPN-sponsored ESPYs for courage.

Sex ed requirements in Helena, Mont., have created a national stir.

Debate is raging over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero.

Rory McIroy is the early leader at the British Open. Tiger Woods is four strokes off the lead after the first round.

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