Lunchtime Links: July 22, 2010

Today, President Obama is expected to sign an extension of unemployment benefits passed by Congress yesterday.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke predicted economic recovery will continue at a slow measured pace.

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to cancel Haiti's $268 million debt and lend the impoverished Caribbean nation an additional $60 million as it continues its slow recovery from the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday he had offered to rehire fired department official Shirley Sherrod, and the White House extended a full-throated apology to her, calling her ouster as the result of an out-of-context video an “injustice.”

Despite the loss of endorsement money because of his personal problems, Tiger Woods remains the most well-paid athlete for the seventh straight year.

BP workers in the Gulf of Mexico have stopped drilling a relief well and are preparing to evacuate the oil spill site if a tropical cyclone approaches.

Nick Saban, coach of defending college football  national champion Alabama, compared unscrupulous agents to pimps.

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