Matthew 20:1-20, according to Brenda

The Kingdom of Heaven is like Jesus who went out early in the day to tell others about the Gospel of Christ. He found several people willing to work with him and they agreed on a wage.
Later in the day he came across some other folks doing nothing much and he shared the Good News with them. They agreed to work with him, he promised to pay what ever was right.

Two or three more times during the day, he came across folks who needed to hear about Jesus and one by one, they agreed to come along side him as well.

When the time came for payment, every one got the same wages whether they worked a short time or a very long time. When some complained, he said “Don’t I have the right to do what I want with what I died for? Don’t I have the right to offer salvation to one and all? Don’t I have the right to be generous with my love for everyone? Why are you jealous when my goal is salvation for everyone, even you?

Prayer – Father, we are sorry for keeping our eyes on the other guy, when they belong on you. Amen

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