Max Lucado makes push for child sponsorship

Christian author and pastor Max Lucado is making a push for the sponsorship of 25,000 children. The decision was made prior to a trip to Ethiopia which expanded Lucado’s view on international Christian outreach. Lucado visited Ethiopia and saw first-hand the need for development and basic humanitarian needs on a trip sponsored by Christian aid organization World Vision. Lucado was accompanied on the trip by his wife Denalyn, his daughter Jenna and her husband Brett Bishop. World Vision President Richard Stearns, Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt and Women of Faith President Mary Graham were also present. Lucado visited local schools, and HIV/AIDS treatment program and an irrigation project. He also had the opportunity to give a Sunday sermon to Ethiopian believers and met his sponsored child. “The needs are great: 45% of the country subsists on less than $1 a day,” Lucado blogged after returning to the United States. “A quarter million children die every year from water-related diseases. Thousands rely upon dirty rivers or muddy holes for their water supply. “Yet for all their problems, I’ve never seen such smiles. The Ethiopians are a soft, gentle, hospitable people. They brim with gratitude for the slightest act of kindness.” Links: Max Lucado’s blog and Twitter posts from Ethiopia: World Vision:

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