Meant for Him

Romans 8:28in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.(NIV)

Alice loves to tell about two outstanding events in her life. First, her church gave her an open house and card shower for her 90th birthday. 112 signed the guest book and she got nearly 200 cards!

Then, a friend sold her a car, a 1990 four-cylinder, four-door with brand new tires. She used her savings to buy it. A month later, she banged into a parked pick-up. The investigating police officer said the car was totaled but five Christian men refused to listen to that. They did the bodywork and three Christian organizations picked up the tab. When these wonderful folks returned the car, they said that they got more donations then they needed, so they used the extra to buy her a set of personalized license plates.

Oswald Chambers said that if you love Jesus, you will have things done for you that aren’t meant for you at all; they are meant for Him.

Like Alice we have experienced wonderful privileges throughout our lives, many completely undeserved. They could not have come to pass, had we not said “Yes”to Jesus years ago.

Prayer: Loving God, grant each of us the joy and privilege of blessing others, as we offer our service and give our gifts to you. Amen.

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