This is Queen Victoria’s statement from Balmoral Castle in 1899, during the South African war:

“Please understand. There is no one depressed in this house and we are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist”

Meanwhile, a family here in rural Ontario lost a dearly beloved child. Melvine drowned at the age of 11. My husband, Ronald got his middle name in memory of this dear little uncle who died so tragically.

There is a small memory box which tells the tale. Included are the engraved coffin plate, dated July 29/99 (i.e. 1899) a tiny toy hammer, a boy scout medal, 3 larger gold buttons, three smaller ones, 4 hair pins (from his mother?) a handmade tiny wire screwdriver and a broken tie clip?)

 It is a very sad little collection. I can image the parents’ hearts that clung to the small reminders of their little one.

Life is all in perspective isn’t it…All you need is something worse to come along and you find out what you originally thought was unhappiness, wasn’t unhappiness at all.

Prayer- Lord, help us see life as a whole, not just our pain in it. Please forgive me when I whine–I have the Christ, —the world is mine. Amen.


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