Medicated or Meditated

Mark 15:23- And they [attempted to] give Him wine mingled with myrrh, but He would not take it (AMP).

I am an emotional eater. I used to have one cure for everything that troubled me. If I felt sad, I downed a loaf of bread. Happiness brought out the need for a chocolate bar or six. Fear made my heart thump and it settled down nicely when I medicated it with potato chips.

Nothing the matter with that…. right?

After all, God created food and he loved me…right?

So my hips got a little wider….nothing the matter with that…right?

When I read Mark 15:23, I began to think about what Jesus suffered on my behalf.

I marveled that he refused to let anything come between him and God.

Mark 15:22-24-The soldiers brought Jesus to Golgotha, meaning “Skull Hill.” They offered him a mild painkiller (wine mixed with myrrh), but he wouldn't take it. And they nailed him to the cross. They divided up his clothes and threw dice to see who would get them (MSG).


No medication for all that pain. No stress eating or drinking. No anything that might sever or interfere with his connection with the Father.


None of our life events compare with what Jesus went through on the cross.

What do we prefer over fellowship with God?

Do we really want IT more than we want a closer relationship with him?

Of course the truthful answer is no.  We’d choose God every time. Well then, how about we line up choices with attitude and meditate on God instead of medicating ourselves with our old ‘drug of choice?’

Prayer: Lord, when we seem to want anything but you, remind us of what really matters.  Amen.

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