Mistaken Identity

Exodus 23:1a– Dont pass on malicious gossip (MSG).

It’s common for us to see just the tops of people’s heads as they walk around in the pool area near us. But this was early winter, the pool was closed and no one should have been in there. Anxiously, I watched the gray head move along side the boards and then at the corner, the head jumped off into the snow outside the enclosure! No people head, just a gray squirrel, fluffy and full of his winter self!

I thought I knew what I saw, but what I saw was not what I thought at all! We are all guilty. Two movie stars are at the same party and happen to hit the buffet table at the same time. The next day tabloids insist that divorce is in the offing for both because they fell madly in love over the shrimp platter. At church, someone goes to the altar in prayer. We presume to know why they are there and rumors run rampant through the congregation.

Malicious means spiteful, a disposition to injure others without cause from mere personal gratification, from a spirit of revenge, unprovoked spite a wanton disregard to the rights of others.

Gossip: one who runs from house to house tattling and telling news.

Prayer: Lord, help us stop jumping to conclusions, passing them on as gossip and even encouraging those who do. Amen.

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