More Than a Bother

When my friend used to ask for a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or to the grocery store, she always ends her plea with these words. “I don’t want to be a bother. I’ll ask someone else if I’m too much of a bother!”

I am ashamed to say that she almost always was a bother. Sometimes I had to change my life to her date or time. Even so, I tried never to say “I can’t be bothered.”

After all she is my friend and she does need help. She is my friend and I care about her well-being!

Now after a lengthy time of not being able to drive anyone, including me, anywhere, I am more than anxious to get out of the house and drive anyone to anywhere!

Unlike me, God is never bothered by our asking. While we are thinking ‘I don’t want to be a bother, God,’ He is so glad we bothered to take the time to talk to Him. He might have to change the date or the time, but He always cares enough to listen and respond. And nothing slows God down either. He doesn’t have to obey government rules or regulations. When we need him, he is there.

I pray our waiting time will be more productive than these guys.

After they had finished nailing him to the cross and were waiting for him to die, they whiled away the time by throwing dice for his clothes. Matthew 27:35, MSG)

Prayer-Lord, here we are, ‘bothering’ you again, but knowing that when you say we aren’t a bother, you mean it. You told us to come to you when we are weary and burdened, so we take you at your word, expecting the conversation to result in our rest. Amen (From Matthew 11:28, NIV)

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