’Mr. AWANA’ Tells Inspirational Story Of Christian Mission Work

When asked to do this review for Grace Acres Press, I jumped at the chance. Art Rorheim is not a household name, but many of the great saints of this world are not.

In Mr. AWANA: Sixty Years of Changing the World for Christ, I learned the heart of one man on a mission to reach children. These are the kinds of books I love to read.

Mr. AWANA tells the story of Art Rorheim’s life beginning the moment he received the call to establish an organization to reach children as Youth Director at North Side Gospel Center in Chicago all the way through to present day AWANA, an international, multi-mission organization.

Men with recognizable names, popular and charismatic men, could only hope to reach as many children as Art Rorheim.

AWANA – an acronym for A Workman And Not Ashamed pulled from instruction in  II Timothy 2:15 …”Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

So passionate about this was Rorheim, so stirred to teach the children of the world, AWANA has now grown to impact over a million children in its 60-year history.

But, the history of AWANA is not without is challenges or sacrifices. The pages of this book are filled with as many miracles as much as factual information.  To read of the incredible miracles, the blessings, the direction, the hope God placed in Rorheim and those working with him in the early days of AWANA is an encouragement to any believer.

Rorheim states that the main message of the book is “How God uses ordinary people,” and provides these key reasons for the success of the AWANA program: 1) a clear presentation of the Gospel; 2) requirements of  memorizing Scripture (which benefits the worker and the child); 3) the training of godly leaders; and 4) club discipline.

A must for every Church library and a good choice as recommended reading for all those who volunteer their time to work in the AWANA program. I recommend it highly.

650275: Mr. Awana: Sixty-Plus Years of Changing the World for Christ Mr. AWANA:
Sixty-Plus Years of Changing the World for Christ
By Art Rorheim / Grace Acres Press

# Paperback: 288 pages
# Publisher: Grace Acres Press (October 21, 2010)
# ISBN-10: 1602650276
# ISBN-13: 978-1602650275

The review copy of this book provided by the publisher, Grace Acre Press, free of charge and donated to the Church library of Westwood Baptist Church.

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