Murmuring Complaints

To murmur is to complain about something that you disagree with. It is a half-suppressed or muttered complaint or grumbling.

The pandemic has brought out the murmuring in us all. I confess that I am just as guilty as everyone else. I repent. I yearn to reform and take the Lord’s standards as my own. 

You see, murmuring holds others back. Watch these verses and the effect Miriam had on the thousands of Israelites with her.

Miriam and Aaron murmured about Moses’ wife and even Moses’ leadership. God called them out and punished Miriam with leprosy. Moses prayed for her healing but God said

“If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days? Confine her outside the camp for seven days; after that she can be brought back.”

(Read Exodus 12)

But here is the kicker.

So, Miriam was confined outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not move on till she was brought back.

(Exodus 12:14-15, NIV

How has your tongue affected those around you? 

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