Neighborly Thing

In our weight loss group, we encourage members to get rid of tempting food by passing it past our stomachs to a neighbour. (This is sometimes a problem for the neighbour who is also trying to lose weight!)

Our local weather man says that one cloud can weigh a million pounds (or 453592.37 kg).   No wonder it dumps rain or snow on us…it is doing the neighbourly thing and getting rid of its own temptations in order to lose weight.

Truly that is my own fancy. The truth about clouds is more like this.

“I saw a human form, a son of man, arriving in a whirl of clouds. He came to The Old One and was presented to him. He was given power to rule—all the glory of royalty. Everyone—race, color, and creed—had to serve him. His rule would be forever, never ending. His kingly rule would never be replaced. (Daniel 7:13-14, MSG)

Yes, Jesus did the truly neighbourly thing. He gave his life so we could all live. That’s better than our version…losing weight at our neighbours expense.

Prayer- Lord God, we welcome your love for us, offering freely what we need…salvation and eternal life. Amen.

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