New Yorkers poll in favor of gay marriage amid political hurricane

A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday for the first ime showed a clear majority of New Yorkers now favor gay marriage.

This news comes against the backdrop of a state legislature in a special session on the verge of total meltdown and a possible vote on gay marriage as early as today.

The poll indicates gay marriage activists are winning the public relations battle, with respondents favoring gay marriage by a 51-41 margin. A little over a month ago, a similar survey found a dead heat of 46-46 in the poll.

Study details show women are more accepting of gay marriage than men, Democrats more accepting than Republicans, whites and Hispanics more accepting than African-Americans and infrequent churchgoers are more accepting than regular congregants.

This would be news in itself. It’s amplified by the start of a series raucous special sessions.

Gov. David Paterson is calling daily special sessions in order to get a slew of bills passed before summer recess.

Tuesday in the State Senate, feuding Democrats and Republicans broke into their own groups and passed bills independently of one another.

Insert you comment about tax dollars hard at work here, metaphorically, or leave a comment below if so desired.

Paterson is launching another special session today with a gay marriage vote at the top of the agenda; that is provided Senators can even discuss issues as a unified body.

Paterson, a Democrat, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, have both voiced support for gay marriage.

The airwaves have also been hit with plenty commercials in favor of traditional marriage, although the poll suggests their impact is muted.

If a gay marriage bill somehow makes it through the fractured legislature to Paterson’s desk, New York would become the seventh state – and fourth this year – to approve gay marriage.


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