Noah’s Ark Comes to Hong Kong

If you ever wondered what the size of Noah’s Ark looked like in person, a trip to Hong Kong might be in the works.

A replica of the ark has been constructed on an island near the Chinese metropolis, its size defined by biblical explanations.

It caps a 17-year process initiated by Thomas Kwok. Kwok is an evangelical Christian and one of a trio of financier billionaire brothers.

There a few add-ons to Kwok’s ark than have nothing to do with the Genesis account. It has fiberglass animals on the grounds, a restaurant, museums and the luxury Noah’s Resort hotel.

It joins what the Wall Street Journal tabbed as an “armada” of ark building attempts around the globe from Maryland to the Netherlands.

Undoubtedly there has been much skepticism as to Kwon’s motives and the 270,000 square foot parcel of land in occupies. The response? What the ark represents is far greater than economics, especially during the current slump:

“People are experiencing a crisis right now,” said a Kwok spokesman. “It’s possible that this financial tsunami has come at this time to Hong Kong for a reason. And our message is: The doors of the ark are not closed, they’re open, and the animals — representing new life — are coming out.”

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