This person does not is a favorite site for advertisers who need a face but don’t want to use a real person. 

When our pastor created a series of messages on who we are in Christ, I thought maybe I was one of those not real people. Quite frankly, the list is overwhelming. God sees us through his eyes, while we look at ourselves through our unbelieving mirror. 

How can it be that God trusts us with all these attributes, while we struggle with them?

Take a look at Ephesians 1:6, NIV) and prepare to be astonished. We are blessed. With every spiritual blessing in Christ. (3). We are chosen. (4, 9). We are holy and blameless. (4).

We are adopted and accepted. (5). He freely gives us his grace. (6). We are redeemed through his blood, and our sins are forgiven. (7, 9). We are included. (11).

So, today friends, just take God at his word. Our identity is not something we achieve, but instead, something that we receive through Christ. We are real people in God’s economy.

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—(John 1:12, NIV)

Thank you, Lord, that you call me worthy to be your child. Help me see myself through your eyes and live like it.  Why? Because you, Lord, are worthy. Bless your name. Amen.

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