Non-Swimmer Dog

When I was on my last speaking tour, I met Nick, the non-swimming duck retriever dog. You see no one told Nick that his breed and his actions needed to match.

His owner said that Nick loves the water. He wades bravely into it. When it gets too deep for his four legs, he continues into the deep on his hind two. When the water hits his chin, he folds his front paws to his chest and waits to sink! If his owner does not grab him, he will drown.

Now doesn’t that sound just like us? We wade into the deep where God called us to go and all is fine until we get too deep for our own selves and we fold our hands in prayer and either sink or wait for God to grab onto us.

Friends we are called Christians for a reason. We are to be Christ-like in our actions and our places and our attitudes and more.

Are we like Nick the non-swimming duck retriever dog or are we Christians expecting God to save us when all we do is pray and never do the things God told us to do?

God indeed loves prayer but he is big on action as well.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8, KJV)

Prayer- Lord we are ashamed of our neat prayers when you have already given us a direction to move in. Sorry, God. Amen.

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