Obama, Palin and religion on Facebook

All of us who have Facebook pages – or are active on any social network for that matter – have some questions that make us shift in our seats a bit.

What should I really say here?

Is honesty the best policy or should I should keep my mouth shut in a cyberspace sort of way?

That question can be vexing for some when it comes to the “Religion” box on Facebook. Most of my Christian friends on Facebook identify themselves on the social network as such. Mentioning actual denominational affiliation is mixed.

The Washington Post did an interesting survey published over the weekend about what some American political stars put under religion.

Barack and Michelle Obama both used the generic Christian designation.

Bill Clinton’s religion box is left blank.

Newt Gingrich, an active Facebooker, does not address his conversion to Catholicism.

Sarah Palin identifies herself as a Republican but does not specifically mention anything about religion.

What is there to read into this other than a fun exercise?

Perhaps there is not a great deal.

It may suggest that getting deep into personal beliefs on a social network may be as tricky as it is for everyone else, particularly when it comes to what may be at stake in shaping others’ perceptions.



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