Ol’ Ugly

The folks on Cowboy Country TV made Ol' Ugly Burgers this week. They barbecued burgers made with oatmeal, onions, peppers, cheese and more. They were the biggest burgers I ever saw.

No, that wasn't the ugly part! After the burgers cooked, each person topped their individual burgers with everything from baked beans to pineapple.

And a line from this old poem popped into my head.

“You are what you eat,” said a wise old man.

If that thought is true, I'm a garbage can!

The gal cook said “Those burgers look awfully big to me.”

I thought, “She's pretty little. Maybe if I ate little foods I'd be littler too!

After all- Garbage in, garbage out? Big in? Big out? Then why not little in…little out!

P.S—the burgers are really named Ol' Ugly because the comedian by that name sent in the recipe!


1 Corinthians 6:19-20-Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, You were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own]. So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body (AMP).

Prayer-Lord, May we never take for granted the wonderful functioning body that we live in.  May we never let personal neglect make it into an Ol' Ugly.….Amen

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