Only You

Do you ever write your prayers to the Lord? Sometimes your words on paper bring your thoughts to a clearer place. Here is one of mine. I invite you to join me in it.

Prayer – Dear Lord; only you are in charge, Lord, only you hold my hope, my sanity and my peace. Only you keep me on the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. Only you keep my path solid and firm.

You and you only are my Rock and my Defender. You know my end from my beginning. I cherish you but I know that you cherish me more than any of my relatives and acquaintances. To you and only you, I am precious beyond all things.

Only you bled for me, died for me, gave your life for me. Only you rose from the dead just for me. Lord in return, I offer the smallness that is me—to be yours for all eternity.

With all that is in me, Amen

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