Only A Prayer Away

It is true. Most of us have done it. After a quick search, there it was, a bargain. We went ahead and placed a bid. A bidding war can get tense. A good thing about online purchasing is we can be specific. A closing date is set, limits put in place and the waiting begins. To make it even more interesting there is software available for automatic bidding.

You won; a treasured item is packaged and dispatched. It has now been several days with no delivery. Worry begins to set in. The best thing to do is go online. At the courier's Web site we frantically enter the tracking number from our receipt. A window opens telling you it left Friday. Big deal, we already know that.

So where is Christ in all this you ask? Well, prayer can be a little bit like this. I remember fretting for my grandchildren. In the bedroom on my knees, I cried out to God. Could He please help me deal with these feelings and while He was about it, could He offer some help so I can see them? I wanted to hold my grandchildren in my arms and say to their faces, “I love you.” Is that so hard for God to do? I did not think so.

Two days later, my son rings up and invites me to stay at his house over Christmas. Sadly, there was not enough money to pay for his stepmother. My wife graciously allowed me to go and I had a ball. My grandchildren and I crawled all over each other for two months. To be honest I did not want to go home.

I thanked God for what had happened and my faith has been stronger for it. With God, we do not need tracking numbers; instead, He gives us faith. Friend, have faith in God who I know will supply all the answers.

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