Our computer club just exposed another scam. In this one, you get into your motel room and then get a call saying your credit card didn’t pass. They want you to give your number over the phone so they can try it again. So you do and suddenly find your credit card maxed out on stuff you didn’t buy. The correct procedure is to walk your feet down to the front desk and check out the inquiry firsthand.

And the crooks? Underhanded sneaks they are, inventive in sin and scandal, Exploiting the poor with scams and lies, unmoved by the victimized poor. But those who are noble make noble plans, and stand for what is noble. (Isaiah 32:7-8, MSG)

Crooks are crooks but we don’t need to be caught in their snares.

Prayer- Lord, give us your wisdom so that our lives will free of the wickedness of others. Amen

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