Painful Dreams

Oh those pain pills…they don’t just take away pain. They leave me with weird dreams, I mean really weird. They are the kind you get when you eat bad pizza. They make no sense what so ever.

God-sent dreams on the other hand have these effects, according to the Book of Daniel.

God gives the gift of dream/vision interpretation. (1:17)
Dreams and visions often upset the dreamer. (2:1, 7:15)
The interpretation is not always instant. (2:16)
Prayer and prayer partners are instrumental in interpretation. (2:18)
Wisdom in other areas does not make one able to interpret. (2:27)
God reveals the secrets he wishes to reveal. (2:28)
God gives us dreams and vision to know the thoughts of our own heart and mind. (2:30)
It’s helpful to record the dream (7:1)
Visions may occur in daylight or dark. (5:5, 7:7, 7:13)
The dream or vision may for some time in the distant future. (11:14, 12:4, 12:9)

I am pretty sure my weird dreams are not from God, but if a plausible one shows up I will do as Daniel’s angel suggested. What about you?

Go about your business without fretting or worrying. Relax. When it’s all over, you will be on your feet to receive your reward.” (Daniel 12:13, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, give us grace to recognize your word instead of the effects of bad pizza. Amen.

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