Party On

It’s like this: The king invited people to his wedding feast and they didn’t bother to come. They made all kinds of silly excuses. But the king was determined to have a party, so he sent his servants out into the gates of the city. The folks there were on their way out of town, because they were sure the party was not for them.

They were wrong! Sure enough, they got their invitations, every one of them. An invitation to the king’s palace and even better, to his party, was exciting. Everybody got dressed in their special clothes, except for one guy who just wore his dirty old everyday stuff.

He learned a terrible lesson when he got to the castle door. The king threw him out. “You don’t have on the right outfit.” he cried. The king’s men tied him hand and foot and threw him out into the darkness, and into wailing and gnashing of teeth.(From Matthew 22:1-14, NIV)

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14, NIV)

Are you wearing the right outfit to get into God’s heavenly party? It isn’t satin or silk you need. It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Prayer – Lord, I pray that all who are invited will dress up and attend. Amen

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