Poodle Prayers

My friend stopped to show off her fancy poodle, who was all dressed for a day’s rain outing. Today it was dressed in a red velvet doggie jacket trimmed with gold. Its name was embroidered on the back and its gold and red collar flashed appropriately.

That dog wouldn’t stop jumping on me. It wanted a treat.  The owner slipped me a doggie cookie and I presented it to doggie. Doggie grabbed it and took off down the street with its owner in tow. 

All she left behind was her wet doggie smell.

How like those of us who present ourselves to God in all our finest holiness, praying big prayers and expecting big answers. As soon as we get what we want, our doggie cookie, if you will, we trot off into our life until the next time we need a treat from God. 

All we leave behind is our wet doggie smell.

The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves. (Proverbs 13:5)

“I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me. (Amos 5:21)

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