Power of the Pen

Someone just gifted me with a wonderful pen. The words on the back of the box say, “Here’s to the power of the pen and those who know how to wield it to create and inspire. We hope you use it everyday.”

You may not be a writer but I bet you write, even if it is only a grocery list. When you hand that bit of paper over to your spouse (so they can shop), what would be the harm of adding a little drawn heart on the corner, or writing “I love you” under the broccoli?

What we don’t feel comfortable saying can be written.  Pop a sweet line into your child’s lunch. Scribble a funny line in hubby’s appointment book to help him laugh his way through a bad day. Remind a friend of their favourite verse. It’s a little thing but it means a lot.

After all, God gave us lots of written lines. Look how happy they make us!

And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold. (Nehemiah 8:10b, AMP)

Prayer-Dear God, thank you for your example of writing encouraging love notes. Now, may we take the time to read them. Amen.

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