Practice Prayer So It Becomes A Natural Response

My prayer life has drastically changed over the years as a believer.  It started off as being something that I felt obligated to do.  Then it became something I enjoyed doing but it was something I always scheduled in.

Today, I practice prayer.  That means prayer is slowly becoming my natural response throughout the course of the day.  I don’t have to schedule it in.  While I still like to set aside time where I focus on communion with God, it is not something that I keep confined to one period of my day.

Since prayer is not a natural way for a person to respond, it must be practiced to become more natural.  In fact, I have been learning how to depend less upon the telephone than on calling out to God.  While my usual reaction to a hurtful comment or bad news would be to pick up the telephone and call a friend or family member, I am learning how to first go to God. 

When prayer becomes nothing but a task we schedule in, then it becomes no more significant than anything else on our to-do-list.  Prayer is supposed to be more intimate and deeper than that.  It is intimacy with our Savior.  It is time spent with the One who holds the answers to all of our life’s questions and needs.  It is less of us and more of Him.

While scheduled prayer is better than no prayer, my challenge to you, as it continues to be my challenge, is to practice prayer throughout the day.  In small moments and bigger moments, speak to your Heavenly Father.  Ask Him for guidance, direction, words to speak, what to do, whatever the situation calls for…turn it over to Him through prayer. 

As you practice prayer it then becomes a natural response throughout the course of your entire day. 

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