Prayers for Michael Jackson’s children

Michael Jackson was a child star who never had a childhood.

I can’t imagine growing up with so much fame that you could never develop a natural childhood that eventually flows into adult relationships. Everyone wants to be your friend. Eventually, you grow up with a large multitude of acquaintances, and question the motives of lost and current relationships.

Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley… Like Michael, were giants in their day. Today’s generation doesn’t see the similarities, but they are there. Every superstar will eventually face the same fate. I was shocked to learn of his death, and shared with much of the world the sense of loss with Michael’s death.

An interesting note about death is a sense of mortality.

God often reminds us our days are numbered. Michael’s death was sudden and caused those who knew him, or knew of him, to emotionally recoil. The loved ones of Farrah Fawcett knew the end was near, however, you are never fully prepared.

I am several years younger than Michael and like millions of others grew up listening to his music. Michael was a great songwriter and composer. Like The Beatles, his music will be set to tribute and re-written for decades to come.

More important than the music is the man.

I remembered when my father died and the feeling I experienced going through all his personal belongings. It felt strange knowing that everything left behind was in some way important to him, they were a part of him.

As listeners and fans, all we have is Michael’s music. We feel the loss and want to connect. We want to re-experience his music, listen to his well-known lyrics with a wiser mind.

The music will pass.

His amassed wealth will most likely dwindle before getting dispersed to a second family generation.

We have no Earthly possessions which last.

The Bible teaches us that love and wisdom will bless many generations.

Not just the emotional love, even the most evil person knows how to display love, but a life and love, of God and for God.

We are living in an imperfect, fallen world. We all question the “why” of death. I don’t know his relationship with God, only God knows the spirit, mind and soul of a man.

The legacy of Michael is now his children. We must pray they survive the circus that caused their father to lose his childhood and innocence. We must pray for his family. Perhaps the “why” of his death will cause them to question life, and discover God’s grace and wisdom.

Over the next several years, Hollywood will dig for enough dirt to make several made-for-television movies and motion pictures until the next one falls.

However, we serve the only One.


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