Prince William and Katherine – The Royal Wedding – Sense of Change in the Air for England

On this day in history, the 29th day of April, 2011. at 11 a.m. in London, England, Prince William and Kate Middleton became Prince William and Princess Katherine of Wales, bonded in the vows of unity in marriage. The service itself was over four hours long and filled with all the traditional pomp and circumstance one would expect from a royal wedding. However, unlike the wedding I saw thirty years ago, there were a few changes that will hopefully influence England and possibly the world for the Glory of God.

This wedding, like many others had some of the normal, expected wedding passages read. 1 Corinthians 13 was read as well as the Lord's prayer. Yet, there appeared to be a great importance placed upon the unity of this couple intertwined with Christ, unity in Christ, following Christ example in love, living in the bonds of love, hope, joy and peace, the fruits of the Spirit spoken about in Galations 5:22-23.

As one watching this wedding, comparing the two wedding, that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana to that of Prince William and Princess Katherine, one can see that the events of William's life these past 29 years have definitely influenced him in a great way. There is a certain level of doing what is, “expected,” today, but this wedding was not forced upon William and Kate as it was upon Charles and Diana. William and Kate love each other, and that in itself will make a huge difference in how this wedding and their lives will play out in history. 

Hopefully, the joy of this day will continue throughout their entire lives and all of England will get to see a life lived in love, hope, joy and peace. May their marriage be an example to all of England and to the world, that everyone should marry out of love. All who enter the bonds of marriage should enter it with Christ and spend their entire lives working toward loving each other in peace and unity with one another, submitting and giving one to another in love for as long as they both shall live.

This young couple represents a new generation, hopefully a generation of change. As the world has become more worldly, marriage has lost it's significance in the world. So many do not take marriage seriously as a convenant between the couple and Christ , ” to death do you part.” In today's world, many see marriage as a inconvenience or unnecessary ritual of the past.

May this wedding influence others to make the commitment to bind themselves together with Christ and to work towards a lasting unity that will never end in divorce. There are many passages in the scripture that refer to ” divorce,”. Matthew 19: 6 refers to ” what God hath join, let no man seperate. Divorce hurts. Divorce doesn't just hurt the relationship between the husband and wife, but also the children, the families that were intertwined, and to some extent all that were friends and acquaintances in this couple's life. It doesn't effect the couple, but many.

We, who have followed the lives of the Royals for the past thirty years have seen the effects of divorce upon Prince William's young life. The mistakes and lack of commitment and love that William witnessed in his parents' life definitely made an impact on how he has chosen to live his life and the choices he has made so far and will continue to make throughout his lifetime

This marriage will hopefully be very different. As I said above, this marriage is a marriage created out of love. This young couple will be working together in many of their common goals, dreams and wishes. Millions will be watching. “This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine.”  These two are going to change things in England. You can almost feel it in the air.

Everyone in England and myself included in the States, we are watching this couple to see what they will do in their lifetime. Hopefully for millions they will influence others to marry: husband, wife and stay married in the love of Christ, unity, hope and peace.

Pray for Prince William and Princess Katherine. May there marriage stay strong. May their eyes stay focused on Christ and on one another, and may their love and commitment influence millions in their lifetime to follow by example the love of Christ. This is totally unlike anything England has ever seen and has become accustom to. May it influence England for the better.May their marriage, a marriage of unity in Christ, a marriage of love bring Glory to God until,” death do us part.” 

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