Prodigal Mom (Part 1)

The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) is generally interpreted as a salvation message but this Mother’s Day we are looking at it from a family point of view.

It begins: “There was once a man who had two sons.” But wait a minute! Where is the mom? Women had no value and seldom owned property in Bible times but somewhere there had to be a mom, or maybe even two!

Dr. Kevin Leman, a highly respected birth order specialist, says that children’s personality differences happen because of the child’s birth order and the parenting because of that very birth order.

Parents are strict with the firstborn and end up creating a miniature adult people-pleaser who is cautious, controlling, and reliable.

Parents are more relaxed when junior comes along, and he becomes the fun-loving, self-centered kid who gets away with murder.

So you can see why the younger kid says… Dad, I want what’s coming to me, right now!”

And we see why Dad gives in to this boy so easily. Why not? He always has!

“So the father divided the property between them. (Luke 15:12, MSG)

How is your children’s birth order affecting your parenting choices?

Prayer – Father God, give us the courage to examine our parenting with new eyes. In Christ’s name. Amen

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