Prodigal Mom (Part 2)

In the parable of The Prodigal Son, the kid got his own way, and soon after, took off for parts unknown and wasted every penny. The Bible says that he was undisciplined and dissipated. Why wouldn’t he be? Nobody ever taught him discipline and self-control. Still, he learns lessons, has an attitude change, and comes home.

Meanwhile, the oldest boy doesn’t even get invited to the welcome home party. He’s taking care of business, which is exactly what Dad expects of a firstborn.

Typical oldest says to Dad: “I’ve stayed here serving you, never giving you one moment of grief.” Typical Dad says, “You don’t get it. You’re with me all the time. Your brother is home and we had to celebrate.” (Luke 15:11-32 MSG)  We still have no mention of a mother, but there was one, somewhere.

Today is Mother’s Day. How do we contribute to the family dynamic in our own home? Do we pick favourites? Over punish one child and neglect the failings in another? Are we hands off moms who wait till daddy gets home for the punishment to start?

Are we absent moms—oh yes, we are with the kids but we are on our phones while the child trails ten feet behind us… easy pickings for emotional trouble and yes, even physical loss.

Do we place too much responsibility on one child? Wonder why our adult children can’t stand each other? It started with you, Mom (and Dad!)

Let’s take a good look at ourselves, apologize if necessary, and ask God to help us be the kind of parents who make a difference for the good of our families.

Prayer – Father God, today is not all about roses and chocolate. As we reflect on the kind of moms we really are, we ask you for the strength to become a better one. Thanks for the opportunity. Amen

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