Auntie was a flashy, over-the-edge kind of gal. For instance, she came to our Jersey cattle picnic wearing a fur stole and heels. You never quite knew where you were with my auntie. She played the cool cat role so well that you forgot that she was the only person in our family to get a divorce and even a facelift.

She married the second time to a man she met in the Caribbean. They moved to Florida and she helped raise his small children, after setting her own on their feet here in Canada. 

She made smoking look glamorous but not so glamorous that I wanted to take it up. Auntie taught herself how to type and got a plum job as secretary to the mayor. 

Lately, auntie is coming out in me. I’ve been choosing brighter colors, designer glasses, and sparkly shoes. I zoom in my housecoat and pour my life out to strangers in these devotionals.

Who are you, my friend? Is your who, the who you really are, deep down?

Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?

(Mark 8:18, NIV)

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