I woke in the night with this line from an old country song running through my mind…

‘Suddenly I get that old-time feeling…I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you! 

Ron and I danced to this so often. It’s twelve years now and sometimes the pain is as raw as ever.

When I posted this on my Facebook page, friends posted sweet comments. 

“Dance like you are in his arms, you are in His everlasting arms.”

“I can still picture him twirling you around the dance floor.”

“Those are good memories Brenda and they come when you least expect them.” 

“Dance with the pillow.” (If you read The Pregnant Pause of Grief, you know this is Ron’s heart-shaped pillow that he used after his heart surgery.)

And there were many like this.

“Love and sighs, praying, I understand” and “sending big hugs.”

 “Friends, do you have anything you want to say? A word of encouragement, perhaps?” (Acts 13:15b)

And Paul says…help us encourage others, lift their spirits, and charge them with fresh hope, the way they have done for us.  (From Acts 20:2b)

Somebody is feeling done today and you can lift them up.

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