Satan’s Grip is Crippling

You are the worst  [fill in the blank] ever.

It’s easy to fill in the blank.  You are the worst writer, daughter, sister, wife, gardener, housekeeper, employee… the list can go on forever.  Yes, these specifics would be about me, but anyone can insert something to make it fit their individual lives.

You are the worst Christian ever.

This is how I spent my summer vacation.  After tearfully falling to my knees in praise when I learned that my dog Angel’s body was cancer free, I fell into the trap that Satan so effortlessly puts out for us – self-doubt, which then leads to the downward spiral of self-hate.  Not only did I doubt everything about myself, I began to believe that I, of all people, had no business writing a Christian blog.  I am the worst Christian ever, so who am I to write about Christian living?

I was paralyzed.  I couldn’t write.  I had no desire to write.  A summer that was supposed to be spent writing and writing and writing until my fingers fell off became the summer that I was really good at letting God know that I believed the lies Satan was telling me.

Because they are lies.  They are enormous lies.  They are big, fat, hairy lies.  Satan knows how to get to us.  He knows how to make us feel most horrible about ourselves and he uses it against us.  He uses it to pull us away from God.  By believing that we are not good enough we are putting our trust in a lie and this gives Satan such pleasure.

Why would I want to give Satan any pleasure?  Enough of this nonsense.  I only care about pleasing God, and I will not be gripped by the chains of Satan’s lies any longer.

He will not control me.

As Christians we must remember to trust the Lord in the good times and the dark times.  He is always there for us, and He welcomes us back with open arms even after we’ve given in to Satan’s lies.  He is the truth we should seek.

God made each and every one of us the way He wanted us to be, but He knows that none of us are perfect.  We have to remember that when those doubting thoughts start creeping into our minds that Satan is working hard against us, in every way possible.

How many of us want to see Satan laughing maniacally at our mistrust of God?  It’s disturbing to think about and I don’t want to give him more ammunition to use against me.

Song of the day – “Perfect People” by Natalie Grant

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