Sauce on the Side

The oldest sauces were made of fermented fish paste. The word itself means salted, as in an added flavoring. Often a sauce covers up a badly cooked or even spoiled dish. There is a sauce for every occasion; cooking, dipping, braising, even sweet and sour.

The earliest sauces were made of fermented fish paste. The word sauce means salted, as in an added flavoring. 

Sauce on the side is terrific weight loss advice, but the word is also used in other areas, like drinking or rude behavior. 

When Amnon is well into the sauce and feeling no pain. (2 Samuel 13:28, MSG)

“Hey you! Don’t you sauce me!”

A chef who specializes in sauces is called a saucier. If we drink too much, or someone answers us back, are they a saucier?

Call it what you will; cheeky, impudent, impertinent, irreverent, drunk, in the sauce, insolent, disrespectful, or even flippant. There is no room in the life of one of God’s chosen people for such behavior. Let that kind of sauce be served on the side…far away from us.

Watch your words, hold your tongue; you’ll save yourself a lot of grief. (Proverbs 21:23, MSG)

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