Scary Thought

But Jesus did not trust himself to them because he knew all men. And he did not need anyone to bear witness concerning man. He needed no evidence from anyone about men for He himself knew what was in the human nature. He could read men’s hearts. (From John 2:24-25, AMP)

Now those verses are downright scary to me because I know what awful things live in my heart.  Of course, I might be preaching only to myself because the rest of you are perfect, right?

Thankfully, while Jesus knows our awful, he also loves and understands us. Whew!

This makes me think of my Granny. We used to say that she had eyes in the back of her head. She would correct us without even turning around, not because she had eyes in the back of her head, but because she knew our very nature.

Maybe knowing that about Jesus (and my Granny) might help us both make better choices from now on.

Prayer- Father, there is no point trying to hide ourselves from you so let’s get to it. Fix us Lord and show us what we can do to help. Amen.

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