See You At The Pole Brings Christian Students, Faculty Together For 20th Year

Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of See You At The Pole.

The annual event is designed for Christian students and faculty to gather around schools’ flagpoles before classes begin as an outward sign of prayer and belief.

Two Facebook pages – See You At The Pole and See You At The Pole 2010 – are compiling stories from event s around the country and world. There is, too, the See You At The Pole Website.

Here are a couple of quick Facebook outtakes:

  • “We had over 160 students from all the local churches in one place worshiping and praising the one true God. Great band and great speakers and a community of unity!” – Brenda Moss Kirk, Krum, Texas
  • “Coach wouldn't let the team leave practice to participate … gave them a 30 minute speech about it. After the speech was over, my son stood up and went to SYATP anyway. He was the only one who went. He got ridiculed for it by his team and asst. coach, but it definitely is making him stand stronger for his faith and he doesn't regret his decision.” – Diane Payne Miller, Location information not posted on Facebook
  • At Baptist University of the Américas, San Antonio, TX, SYATP was the start of a new initiative. We continue to come together and pray every Wednesday morning! Blessings! – San Antonio, Texas
  • “I called my daughter's middle school (5th and 6th grades) — asst principal is a Christian, and since the faculty cannot initiate (how sad), he asked that since I called, I could organize it… so, I quickly printed out 10 signs with “See Y…ou At the Pole” @7:30 Wed, 9/22/10 — had a crowd!!! and God put His words in my mouth, as I had prayed for, to pray for this event… I am continuing to pray for each child there..” – Lisa Benson Young, Eunice, La.

There is some scattered local newspaper and television coverage, one of the most interesting from a college campus in Missouri where three students solemnly gathered amid the hustle of an otherwise ordinary day to stop and pray.

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