Separate The Sin From The Sinner

Are you able to separate the sin from the sinner?  Unfortunately there are some believers who really struggle with this.  Yet if we were to think more like Jesus, it would come easier. 

Does Jesus love us less when we sin?  Does He look down upon us?  Does He wash His hands of us when we mess up? 

I have seen situations where an individual or a family has left the church because of sin.  Although God doesn’t categorize sin, these are sins that in our flesh we would consider to be the “big ones.”  They have left and then come back.  Sadly, not all have been willing to welcome them back. 

We have forgotten how to separate the sin from the sinner.  We have also failed to see them through the eyes of Jesus.  Remember that we are the ones who put specific sins at particular levels. 

For instance, most of would likely agree that adultery is worse than telling a lie.  Yet all sin is the same in the eyes of God.  If someone can be forgiven for speaking a lie, then someone else can surely be forgiven for adultery. 

At the same time, as we struggle to separate the sin from the sinner, we fail to see our own faults and missteps.  We somehow think that it’s “different” for us.  Why should it be any different?

If someone you know has fallen away or committed sin, when they come back we should be the first ones to welcome them back.  It is not up to us to judge whether their hearts are truly right before God.  He will take care of that.  Our job is to disciple and welcome them back, just as the father welcomed back his prodigal son. 

So the next time you encounter a situation like that, remember to separate the sin from the sinner.

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  1. Rev. Tim Lehmann said:

    Thank-you. I have been saying this for years. Jesus never denied anyone the opportunity. Even Gentiles were welcomed when they showed faith. Of course I must admit that there are times when the Lord has to remind me. It’s not always easy, but you are absolutely right. To be Christian means to follow Jesus, and this is what Jesus did.

    October 23, 2010

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