Setting Goals For 2011

I don’t care for New Year’s resolutions but I am all about setting goals for 2011.  Every year I like to look at it as a clean slate.  It’s a fresh chance to set realistic and doable goals. 

When it comes to goal setting of any kind, success is more likely if you keep them manageable.  If in one area of your life you have ten things you want to change it isn’t likely to happen.  Take your goals in bite size portions, which are more easily digested.

It’s also important to be sure your expectations are doable.  Losing 200 pounds might be a bit much.  So settle for smaller goals that can be reached in a shorter period of time.  Instead, you might set a weight loss goal for the month of January.  Take each month at a time.  If necessary, take one week at a time.

Nothing is more discouraging than to have this extensive list of things you would like to do and not be able to accomplish a single one.  So when setting goals for 2011 keep these things in mind.

You might also want to consider goal setting in several areas.  These are the areas I personally like to set goals for:  Spiritual, Character, Marriage, Parenting, Career, Ministry, Family, Friendships, Recreational and Health. 

For each area I set two goals maximum.  This helps me to tackle all of the important areas of my life but I don’t overwhelm myself.

Now goal setting will do you no good if you create your list and then tuck it away somewhere to be forgotten.  Keep it handy so that you can refer to it every-so-often.  At the beginning of each new month, pull out the list and check to see how you are doing.  If you complete one goal, then try setting a new one.

If you need more help on goal setting, the Bible has much to say about plans.  Do a search in the Psalms and Proverbs and discover what God would say to you about goal setting. 

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