Like A Good Neighbor

The elderly love to recount stories of days gone by. It’s amazing when they tell stories of knowing everyone in their neighborhood. Neighbors were friends that got together on a regular basis for lunch, for backyard cookouts and holiday socials. Neighbors knew each other and helped each other out in times of need. A neighbor was someone that could be counted on for support and encouragement just when it was needed.

What would it take to be a neighbor like that in today’s world? It’s not about just knowing everyone on the street or inviting them to Sunday lunch. It includes identifying, interceding, investing and inviting. Identify the needs of others. Try to help meet those needs. Invest in those people and get to know them and build relationships with these people. Finally, invite them to respond back, get involved and pay it forward. This is what being a good neighbor is all about. It comes down to one word, Love. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
In this high-tech world of online social networking, busy work weeks and a thousand ways to occupy one’s time, society as a whole is losing it’s ability to really connect with one another. Don’t forget to be a refuge and a shelter to one another from the storms of life.

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