These are comments from folks who misheard the original thought. This is only another example of why words are so important.

  • Joy to the Word, the Lord has come  – Joy to the world, the Lord has gum.
  • He’s making a list and checking it twice. – He’s making a list of chicken and rice.
  • In a one horse open sleigh. – In a one horse soap and hay.
  • We three kings of Orient are. – We three kings of porridge afar. 
  • Noel, Noel, born is the King of Israel. – Noel, noel; Barney’s the king of Israel.
  • All of the other reindeer. – Olive the other reindeer.
  • Hark the herald angels sing. – Hock the hair- old angels sing.
  • Sleep in heavenly peace . – Sleep in heavenly peas.
  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. – Rudolph the red-nosed stranger.
  • Oh come all ye faithful. – Oh come, Froggy faithful.
  • With angelic hosts proclaim. – With the jellied toast proclaim.
  • Four colly birds. – Four calling birds.

I admit the last one is news to me. Apparently colly is another word for black. We might be forgiven for mistakes like these but do we do the same with The Bible? Do we make it say what we want it to say or do we listen to what it really is saying?

 “Listen carefully to everything I tell you. (Exodus 23:13, a MSG)

Prayer- Lord, fix our ears and our mouths so our brains will pay attention. Amen.

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