16 Pastoral Ministry Blogs That You Should Bookmark

Note: You’re reading Part Two in a three part blog mini-series on recommended blogs. In Part One, I highlighted Sixteen Biblical Counseling Blogs That You Should Bookmark

As with Part One, I wish I could mention every excellent pastoral ministry blog. The pastoral ministry blogs I regularly read have some combination of: a.) frequency of posts, b.) self-identified as focused on pastoral ministry (pastoring, shepherding, the local church), c.) relatively high traffic/hits, and, frankly, d.) people I know or know of. 

Many pastors and para-church groups provide excellent blogs that I regularly read. However, they tend to focus more on “Christian living” than on pastoral ministry/local church per se. I’ll highlight those blogs tomorrow. They will include pastors such as Tullian Tchividjian, Ray Ortlund, Kevin DeYoung, Josh Harris, John Piper, C. J. Mahaney, etc.; and ministry leaders/educators/groups such as Al Mohler, Tim Challies, Trevin Wax, TGC’s Voices,Russell Moore, Justin Taylor, R. C. Sproul, etc. 

Drum Roll, Please

Here are the pastoral ministry blogs that I regularly read, listed in alphabetical order. Of course, I don’t agree with everything every one of these bloggers post. I don’t even agree today with everything I posted last week! Still, these blogs stretch my thinking as iron sharpens iron. 

  • The 9Marks Blog from the ministry of Pastor Mark Dever and a team of pastoral leaders is a “don’t miss” blog filled with practical biblical wisdom for church life. 
  • The Acts 29 Blog focuses on church planting  by church planters. 
  • Baptist 21 exists to present a Southern Baptist perspective on church life and Kingdom effectiveness. 
  • Blogs at the Village by the staff of The Village Church shares their biblical philosophy of ministry. 
  • The Faith Baptist Church Blog by the staff of Faith Baptist in Lafayette, IN shares insights for church life and Christian living. 
  • The Gospel-Driven Church Blog by Jared Wilson offers his take on gospel-centered pastoral ministry. 
  • Greg’s Blog by Pastor Greg Laurie provides insights for pastoral life and ministry. 
  • Ordinary Pastor by Erik Raymond shares a fresh perspective of daily life of the typical pastor. 
  • Practical Shepherding is the blog home of Brian Croft. His blog is fast becoming an indispensible source for pastoral wisdom. 
  • Pure Church, the blog home of Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, presents gospel-centered wisdom for pastoral life and ministry. 
  • Reformation 21 is the blog ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals designed to challenge Christians to think and grow biblically. 
  • Reformed Spirituality and Missional Church is the blog home of church planter and author, Tim Chester. 
  • The Resurgence Blog is presented by Justin Holcomb and a team of ministry leaders and focuses on Christian leadership. 
  • Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC blogs regularly about pastoral life and ministry at Steven Furtick.com
  • The Travel Blog of Sojourner Church in Louisville, KT offers daily insights for church life. 
  • The Vertical Church Blog by Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible presents insights for Christ-centered pastoral ministry and Christian living. 

The Rest of the Story

In Part Three of this mini-series, I’ll share links to blogs I read that focus on Christian living. 

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