Snow Angels

If you live in a snowy place, you learned how to make snow angels, made snow angels and taught your children how to make them too. Sand angels work in a pinch.

The trouble with all of them is that no matter how hard we try, getting up from our delightful angel almost always ruins the finished product. We roll to the side and our angel now has a deformed wing. Someone hauls us to our feet and our heels dig into the base. 

Sad, isn’t it? We want so much for our angels to be perfect. Its impossible. No matter how hard we try to make our angels into something at our bidding, it’s a failure. 

That’s true for heavenly angels also. First of all, they often appear in disguise.

(Genesis 19:1-2)

We often mistake them as our pathway to God.

(Genesis 28:10-12)

We sometimes mistakenly worship them. (Exodus 25:18-22)

God created angels and they in turn, worship him.

(Nehemiah 9:5-6, Psalm 29:1-2)

We do have personal angels. But just as they worship God, so must we do the same. Never settle for the middle man.

“Watch that you don’t treat a single one of these childlike believers arrogantly. You realize, don’t you, that their personal angels.

(Matthew 18:10, MSG)

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