Snowed In

Job 37:6, 7For He directs the snow, the showers and the storm to fall upon the earth. Mans work stops at such a time so that all men everywhere may recognize His power. (LB)

I used to be a snowbird wannabe. When my parents scurried off to Florida at the first sign of a winter blow, I wanted to climb right into their back seat. Not a fan of ice, snow and cold, I found that in the sunny south, I had trouble adjusting to things like a Santa wearing shorts and Christmas afternoons on the beach.

My happiness seemed to lie in neither quarter. Eventually, I learned that true contentment comes from a ‘trusting God attitude’ no matter what the weather. Here in Ontario, we will continue to have lots of snowed-in experiences to talk about. On those days we can’t travel where we want or keep our demanding worldly schedules. The most important thing to remember is that God sends those storms and He is using them to show a disbelieving world that He is in control.

What is our attitude when God’s weather is not co-operating with our personal life plan?

Prayer: Lord, let the white drifts of snow keep us ever mindful of the Christ who died to make us white as snow. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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