Sometimes I Feel Empty

 Sometimes I feel empty inside. Maybe it’s loneliness. Sorrow. Boredom.

I thought you weren’t supposed to feel empty inside if you asked Jesus into your heart? I thought He’d fill all those empty holes and spots up? I thought that if I loved Him, believed in Him, followed Him, and obeyed Him – that I’d never feel empty?

Sure, I know life is rough sometimes. But I thought that through those rough spots and patches that I’d have the “peace that surpasses all understanding.” I thought I’d have this inner contentment that would always carry me through those tough times.

I was wrong.

For sometimes, I DO feel emptiness.

I still love Him. I still seek Him. I still long to hear His voice.

So what gives?

Is their sin in my life?  Am I doubting Him too much? Am I fooling myself about what I believe….?

I don’t think so.

I think sometimes you just feel empty.

We can analyze why. Maybe we gave too much of ourselves without getting filled back up by others. Maybe there are NO others to fill us up. Maybe it’s time for a change in our lives. Maybe we are ignoring something God is trying to say to us.

Or maybe we are just feeling the emptiness that sometimes comes with life. The humanness of it all.

I think emptiness accompanied with a hunger for it to stop or a desire for it to be filled can be a good thing. It’s far better than apathy.

Emptiness can be a catalyst in our lives. An attention getter. It can spur us towards making changes or fuel us towards contentment. It can help us deal with things we’ve pressed down, deep inside.

God never told me I’d never feel emptiness once I accepted Him into my heart and life. I think it was other people that told me that. And they were right…for the most part. But there are those times in life where emptiness seeps in.

The difference for me – as a believer is – it never stays there.

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